1937 acquired family Bauer with Gustl sen. the small restaurant in the "Drahtgasse".

1948 here, among other things during the filming of the movie "The Third Man" actor and film crew catered for and looked after.

Gustl Bauer jun. 1963 returned back to his years of traveling to Vienna Dining and led it for several years with his mother.

End of the 70 years the great additional construction took place. The floor heated conservatory with retractable windows tripled the capacity of the original small restaurant, which was also known by the name "Fiakerwirt" and "Zöbinger wine bar" in the city.

In February 2006, Kurt Weber took over the old-established restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and is to this day continues the tradition by offering classic Viennese cuisine with seasonal variations to Austrian wine and beer culture.